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The chaps behind Mac Motorcycles

Ellis spent most of his childhood either in the back garden of the late Alan Mountain's home, riding and modifying a Honda C50, or in the showroom of his Holgate Rd shop, pointing-out the specifications of Honda's range to his eternally patient Mother, who had to drive him there most Saturday afternoons. Ellis's first mod’ to the C50 was to fit a front end from a CB125, chop the back mudguard off and fit a knobbly rear tyre to get to the top of the quarry, two-up.

And so an obsession with motorcycles was born. Whilst a design student at Kingston Poly' and riding with a couple of backpatch clubs, Ellis delivered emergency blood and organs to London hospitals in the saddlebags of an early Harley Sportster, his daily ride...

Mark and Ian, partners in Xenophya Design have been immersed in the motorcycle industry for years. Both from families with motorcycling and motorsports backgrounds, it was inevitable that they would end up continuing these traditions.

Since establishing Xenophya Design they have built an enviable client list of both large and smaller OEMs as well as specialised makers and component manufacturers including brands such as Yamaha YEC, Derbi, Aprilia, Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Rieju and Fischer Motor Company.This collaboration is typical in how the team at Xenophya work with their network of Engineering and market
specialists to create the highest quality motorcycles.